Frequently Asked Questions


It starts on 1st March 2019 and will continue as long as Sqkii is happy!

Who can play #HuntTheMouse?

We would love to be able to let everyone play, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions. Employees of Sqkii and their immediate family members are all excluded from the hunt. Likewise, employees of all official partners are barred from participating in this event. In addition, the employees of all official partners, their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising and promotion agencies, who have directly assisted Sqkii in coming up with this event and their immediate family members are also excluded from the hunt.

For those of you who are under the age of 18, do seek consent from your parents if you wish to participate in the hunt. After all, if you are the prize winner, you would need to have your parent or legal guardian come and collect the prize with you on your behalf. Do see our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding this.

Lastly, any participant who has been declared as a winner of #HuntTheMouse at least five times within each calendar year shall not be eligible to participate in any subsequent #HuntTheMouse events held within that same calendar year. Persons who were found to have abused this system will be disqualified from all future games carried out by Sqkii. Sqkii's decision will be final and binding.

How do I play #HuntTheMouse?

The game is very straightforward. Look out for shiny coins that have been hidden in Singapore. The first person to retrieve each coin will receive up to $5,000 in cash. On the magical map, you will see different circles—each encompassing the location of a coin in real-time. Each circle will only shrink at a specific time.

What do the different colours of a circle mean?

The colour of each circle indicates the current prize amount for each specific coin. Each coin will start with a prize amount of $5,000 and will decrease in tiers when the circle shrinks accordingly.

How do the coins look like?

The coins are slightly larger than a fifty-cent coin and have the word #HUNTTHEMOUSE printed on them. For security purposes, each coin will have a unique serial number printed on its back. Most of the coins are shiny and silver in colour, but all in all, you will know it when you see it.

I found a coin and it says 1,000 at the back of it, but the colour of the encompassing circle indicates otherwise. Which do I follow?

Please use the colour of the circles and the respective tiered prizes as the indication of the coin’s prize amount. We don’t want you missing the opportunity to earn up to $5,000 instead!

What rules are applicable to the coins?

Ensuring your personal safety is our utmost priority! Follow the rules in the banner at the top of the magical map and you’ll be good to go.

Are there hints for the coins?

Towards the end of a coins’ lifetime, an additional one-word hint may be released to guide you towards its location. Interpret this word correctly and you might just know where the coin is hidden.

When are the coins hidden?

Each circle on the magical map indicates that a coin is present in that area. When the coin is placed, the circle appears. Likewise when it is found, it disappears. Isn’t it fun?

What are secret codes?

Secret codes can let you peek into the future of a coin’s possible location. Each secret code lets you see one circle ahead of time. You may also use up to 6 codes on the same circle to peek up to 6 future circles. Once a code(s) has been applied and effected on the map, you will not be able to stack new codes on top of it.

What are special quests?

Special quests are unique events that may give you an “unfair” advantage in your hunt for coins. Special quests can be found inside some mysterious huts that will appear on the map for a limited time only.

How do I participate in the special quest?

To participate the special quest, you will have to be physically at the location of the mysterious hut when the timer ends. A quest page will pop onto your screen as long as you are within the radius of the quest zone with your GPS button turned on. Complete the quest and you shall reap the rewards that comes with each quest.

I think I have won. How do I claim my prize?

Congratulations! You are about to receive some cold hard cash from us. First, enter the coin’s serial number onto the map. Do this quickly, as the prize amount is tied to the timestamp when you have successfully keyed in the serial number.

Once you’ve done so, you should notify us as soon as reasonably possible after you have found the coin, but no later than 2 hours.

After notifying us, you should present the coin to us within 7 days from the date of notification. Of course, we will need to validate the legitimacy and authenticity of your coin.

What if the winner finds it but doesn’t inform Sqkii?

If we discover that a coin has been found and that the winner has not contacted us within 2 hours, that coin will be forfeited and replaced with a new coin. The winner is also not entitled to claim the prize associated with that coin, as the winner would be regarded as having forfeited his/her winnings.

How soon will I receive my prize?

Congratulations! If you are one of the prize winners, we will invite you to our office to receive your cash prize!

Where can I find all the latest news and updates on #HuntTheMouse?

For the latest news and updates follow us @Sqkii on Facebook or @Sqkiimouse on Instagram. Be sure to also check out the hashtag #HuntTheMouse to see what interesting loots others have found.

Is there any expiry for the secret codes?

Most secret codes does not expire, however there will be some special secret codes that may expire at a certain date. For such special secret codes that may expire, you will be informed clearly upon receiving it.

Are the locations of the coins accessible to anyone?

Yes, of course. You need not have to trespass on private property or restricted areas to find these coins.

Will the coins be removed at certain timings?

In most cases, once a coin has been placed, it should stay there until someone finds it. However, we will conduct checks on the coin that has not been found within 48 hours after its smallest circle has been deployed. Should the coin still be there, it will be forfeited and dropped at another location. Otherwise, the winner has up to 2 hours after the check has been conducted to submit the serial number onto the map.

Do I need to look into bushes or plants?

No. The new gameplay is all about the concrete jungle!

I am concerned for my safety. Do I have to swim or climb up to high places?

At no time during your hunt should you be put in harm’s way. We have designed this hunt so that it is easy for people of all ages to participate.

This means that you should not have to perform any other unnecessarily dangerous acts, which includes, but is not limited to, swimming or diving into water bodies, climbing into sewage canals or onto high platforms such as roofs, bashing through thick forestry, walking into extremely dark and unlit places, trespassing into restricted areas, walking onto roads, etc. You get our point.

Most importantly, please do not attempt to trap any mouse or rodents of any sort. The item hidden is a physical coin and not an actual mouse itself.

Is the location of the coin accessible to anyone?

Yes, of course. You need not have to trespass on to private properties or restricted areas to find the coins.

What if I damage public or private property while hunting for the coin?

You do not have to damage anything while hunting for the prize. There is completely no need for anyone to intrude into private and/or restricted areas or damage any public or private properties while hunting for the prize. Sqkii and its official partners are likewise not liable for any such damage that may occur as a result of your acts committed.

Remember—this hunt is designed for people of all ages.

What if I see someone breaking the rules of the hunt?

If you're sure that the person is looking for the coins, remind him/her not to vandalise/damage property as there is absolutely no need to. However, if the behaviour persists, please notify us of this and we will see what we can do about it if we have sufficient evidence.

Can my winnings be forfeited?

Yes, your winnings can be forfeited.

Among other things, trespassing, entering restricted areas, vandalising or damaging property during the hunt would result in the forfeiture of any prize that you may be entitled to. Further, we will not hesitate to contact the police. Whenever in doubt, rely on your common sense. Remember that Sqkii will not incite anyone to break the law.

Where can I find the Terms & Conditions?

Tap here to read the full version of the Terms & Conditions.

How may I contact Sqkii for business/media related enquiries?

Sqkii loves to make new friends! Drop her human roommate, Kenny, an email at kenny@sqkii.com and we’ll get in touch!

My question hasn’t been answered by the FAQ, what can I do now?

Simply private message us on Sqkii’s Facebook page and her human friends will get back to you as soon as possible!